East Lothian Bus Charter

Wednesday, 30 April 2014
East Lothian Bus Charter

A new charter of principles stands to improve cooperation and dialogue between bus companies, the council and passenger groups across East Lothian. Prior to the meeting of the East Lothian Bus Forum on 29th April, RELBUS, East Lothian Council and the five local bus operators jointly launched the East Lothian Bus Passenger Charter at the depot of Prentice Coaches in Haddington. The charter is an initiative of RELBUS which campaigns principally for better bus service provision to meet the needs of East Lothian's rural communities, though it promotes public transport generally in the interests of sustainability and improved accessibility for all.

RELBUS has been working closely with the council and the bus operators to develop and agree a joint statement of principles, demonstrating a commitment to standards of service across the board which satisfy the needs of bus passengers. The charter sets out responsibilities of the bus operators, actions that the council will take to support bus operations, how the council, operators and passenger groups will work together to deliver improvements and what is expected of passengers as part of the deal.

Barry Turner, Chairman of RELBUS, said:

"RELBUS, being very aware of the grievances of bus users, decided that it was time that the various parties involved should get together and agree a set of rules which would offer a new deal to passengers. Not surprisingly, given the different perspectives of participants, a lot of discussion and negotiation has taken place aided by the existence of the East Lothian Bus Forum. As a result we now have a bus passenger charter and it shows what can be achieved when different organisations working in the same field come together to find common ground and a common cause. RELBUS is very pleased with the outcome and looks forward to close cooperation between the parties to deliver on the deal."

Copies of the charter will be available from East Lothian Council through its offices and libraries and it will be displayed on bus shelters. Information on where to address complaints if you think its provisions are not being met will be made clear.

Perryman's are delighted to be part of the East Lothian Bus Charter. It's wonderful Relbus, East Lothian Council and the Areas Bus operators have come together to work towards 'Better Buses for all'.

A Perrymans Bus with East Lothian Bus Charter livery