Perryman's Buses Ltd is a family run business based at Ramparts Business Park, North Road, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 1TX, serving North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. We operate local bus services, school contracts and private hires from two depots, one at Berwick and one at St Boswells.

We pride ourselves on our customer care and high vehicle standards, having wheelchair accessible buses and most vehicles with CCTV and seat belts for your safety and security.

We have our expectations on how our passengers should behave when they travel with us and these conditions provide you with that information.

We use reasonable means to ensure services operate as advertised but cannot accept any liability for loss, damage or inconvenience that arises from failure to do so. We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend services or fares. Advertised connections will only wait 10 minutes.

Conduct of Passengers

You will be travelling with other passengers. We expect you to do nothing that will cause offence or upset. We reserve the right to either refuse entry or ask you to leave a vehicle if we have reason to believe your behaviour affects the safety, security or comfort of others.

In boarding our vehicle, you agree to abide by the following conditions:

  • You must not smoke - this includes  electronic cigarettes
  • You must not play music where it can be heard by other passengers (even with earphones)
  • Outer clothing must be clean and feet kept off seats to avoid soiling or damage.
  • You must not behave in a manner that is abusive or threatening to passengers or staff
  • Do not bring food onto the bus to eat or drink which may damage seating or clothing if spilled or dropped. Hot drinks must be in a sealed container. We will seek damages to cover the costs incurred in making the bus fit for service again.
  • Alcohol may only be brought on board in sealed containers and must not be consumed on board
  • If the vehicle is fitted with seatbelts, you are legally required to wear it.
  • Follow the directions of staff in matters relating to the safe operation of the vehicle
  • Except in an emergency or to convey an instruction, do not distract the driver or obstruct his vision
  • You must not distribute leaflets etc or offer anything for sale or collect for charity without prior written consent - you will be asked for proof on boarding
  • You must not interfere with equipment or deliberately damage or deface any part of the vehicle.  We will seek damages to cover the costs incurred in making the bus fit for service again.
  • You must give your name and address to a company official or police officer when requested to do so


Our buses and coaches are fitted with CCTV for added security and safety of passengers and staff. We display appropriate signage and will use video and sound recordings in support of any reasonable request from an enforcement authority and for monitoring service quality.

Wheelchairs and Buggies

Due to the limited space dedicated to the carrying of wheelchairs (max size * 700mm wide, 1200mm long 1350mm high) and buggies we offer the following guidance to the public and our staff:

  • Only one wheelchair can be accommodated on any of our buses at one time.
  • Wheelchairs have priority over folding buggies.
  • We treat non-folding walking aids (with or without a seat) as a wheelchair
  • 2 Folding Buggies can be carried at any one time. (Due to space restrictions, one twin buggy needs to count as two normal buggies)
  • On arrival at a bus stop, if a folding buggy is already in the wheelchair space then the buggy should be folded and stored in the luggage space to allow the wheelchair user to board.
  • If the dedicated space for the wheelchair is already occupied with standing passengers then, unfortunately, the customer will have to wait for the next bus.
  • If you want to board a bus in a mobility scooter, please contact us in advance to discuss the safety implications. We may be able to accommodate smaller versions eg Class 2, when safe to do so.

* If your wheelchair is larger than the sizes stated above, we are sorry but we cannot take it on board


Sorry, but we do not carry bicycles on any of our services, except folding bikes when they can be stowed as luggage.


We will try to accommodate accompanied luggage but this is subject to available space and at the drivers discretion. It must be stowed on a luggage rack or in a suitable space where it is not an obstruction for other passengers. It must not be stowed on seats where it can cause damage. If left in the wheelchair space, it must be moved to allow a wheelchair user access when they need to board.

The following items cannot be carried:

  • Any weapon or explosive or dangerous article
  • Excessively large or awkward items
  • Any battery from which corrosive liquid could leak
  • Paints or any liquids not in a sealed container

Lost Property

If you find something left on the bus, please give it to the driver. If you lose something on the bus, please contact us giving details of the date and time you travelled, where you boarded and where you travelled to. If you still have the bus ticket, please enclose it with your enquiry. Items are returned to the home depot and kept for 1 month unless it is perishable when it will be disposed of during the next working day.


We operate in a mainly rural area and will try to accommodate a well behaved animal if space permits. Dogs must be in a lead and smaller animals in a suitable travel cage/box. Animals are not allowed on seats and must be on the floor where they will not cause an obstruction nor annoyance to other passengers. We will always try to accommodate passengers with 'assistance dogs' where they are identifiable by a harness or ID jacket.

We reserve the right to require an animal to be removed from the bus at any time.


You must either buy a ticket from the driver or present a valid pass or similar for the whole  journey to be made. You must state your destination. You must retain your ticket for the duration of the journey and make it available for inspection if requested to do so.