Wheelchair & Buggy Policy

Easy access to our buses

We want to make travel on our buses easier for everyone, including passengers with disabilities and those with young children and foldable buggies. Since 2002, we have introduced easy-access buses across our network and are happy to confirm that all our Local Service buses are easy-access.

This means our buses feature:

  • Low entrances that can "kneel" to kerb height to give step free access where possible
  • Retractable boarding ramp for wheelchair access
  • Completely flat areas on the lower deck (no internal steps to worry about)
  • High visibility handrails
  • A dedicated wheelchair space

Due to the limited space dedicated to the carrying of wheelchairs and buggies we offer the following guidance to the public and our staff:

  • Only one wheelchair can be accommodated on any of our buses at one time.
  • Wheelchairs have priority over folding buggies.
  • We treat non-folding walking aids (with or without a seat) as a wheelchair
  • 2 Folding Buggies can be carried at any one time. (Due to space restrictions, one twin buggy needs to count as two normal buggies)
  • On arrival at a bus stop, if a folding buggy is already in the wheelchair space then the buggy should be folded and stored in the luggage space to allow the wheelchair user to board.
  • if the dedicated space for the wheelchair is already occupied with standing passengers then, unfortunately, the customer will have to wait for the next bus.
  • Mobility Scooters are not permitted on our vehicles.