Better Journeys Assistance Cards

Perrymans Buses Better Journeys Assistance Cards

We are always looking at ways in which we can improve your experience when using our services.

With this in mind, we have introduced Better Journeys Assistance Cards which come pre-printed with a range of helpful messages that you can use to tell our drivers that you would like some assistance during your journey.

The messages are:

  • Please look at me and speak clearly - I lip read
  • Please be patient - I have difficulty speaking
  • Please be patient - I have a hidden disability
  • Please give me time to sit before you move off
  • Please be patient - I am visually impaired
  • Please be patient - I am deaf
  • Please count my change for me
  • Please help me find my seat
  • Please scan my pass for me
  • Please let me know when we get to [space to add your destination
  • two blank cards that you can use for your own messages

We have made the cards discreet and very easy to use and understand - simply download them using the link below, print them, then cut out the cards that you need. When using any of our services, just show your card to the driver along with your ticket or pass when you board the bus.

If you have any comments or suggestions to make about our Better Journeys Assistance Cards, please get in touch - we are always happy to receive your feedback.